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Name:The Magicians Kinkmeme
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Community description:The Magicians

1. Golden rule: YKINMKATO. That is, "Your kink is not my kink and that's okay."

2. Book spoilers must be clearly tagged in post titles. No exceptions.

3. All comments must be anonymous.

4. Please title your prompt posts.

5. All fills must be posted as responses to their original prompt and must have "FILL" in the title. Fills may be posted as comments or linked to (AO3, tumblr, whatever you prefer).

6. Multiple fills for each prompt are always welcomed and appreciated.

7. Due to the nature of this community, content warnings are appreciated but will not be enforced. If there's anything you personally do not want to see, please get DW Blocker.

8. Reposted prompts are allowed, but please wait until the next prompt round to repost.
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