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Round #1, February 2017

1. Golden rule: YKINMKATO.
2. Book spoilers must be clearly tagged in post titles.
3. All comments must be anonymous.
4. Please title your prompt posts.  All prompts are welcome, from fluff to angst to smut.
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6. Multiple fills for the same prompt are allowed and welcomed.
7. Content warnings will not be enforced but are appreciated.
8. Please wait until the next round to repost a prompt.

Welcome to Round #1 of the Magicians Kinkmeme!  Please hop over to the
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Have fun and be kind to each other!

Bondage Anyone/Eliot

(Anonymous) 2017-03-19 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
I'll leave the pairing up to the responder, but I've really been craving Eliot and bondage. It can be as simple as handcuffs or silk ties, or as hardcore as you feel like going.

Re: Bondage Anyone/Eliot

(Anonymous) 2017-03-20 05:32 am (UTC)(link)
I'm tempted?

I'll try my best on this one!

Re: Bondage Anyone/Eliot

(Anonymous) 2017-03-21 07:41 am (UTC)(link)

YES! Thank you! I was hoping someone would pick it up.

Fill: Eliot/Anyone: Bondage Title: Magically Binding

(Anonymous) 2017-03-25 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I was the original poster on this, and it wasn't what I initially had in mind, so I hope someone else writes for the prompt!

Here we go.

Title: 'Magically Binding'

Rating: M, for bondage themes and language, implied male/male.

Eliot shifted one hand down the strap of his satchel and brushed the loose hair from his eyes as he looked up and down the front of the slate gray row house to which he'd been directed. It was unassuming, with bright white trim around the door and windows and an iron rail that lined the steps leading to the front door.

He took a breath, counted to four, and let it out, then headed up the steps. The key he had been given felt cool between his fingers, and he fit it into the deadbolt with one hand and pushed on the doorknob with the other. Magic rippled down his arm as the key turned and he stepped into a brightly lit foyer.

“Can I help you?” The door on his right was closed, but the room to his left had been converted to an office. Books, ancient and new, lined shelves on all the walls, and there was a door leading to more offices behind the woman who had addressed him.

“My name is Eliot Waugh; I have an appointment.” He heard the jingle of keys as the woman opened the top drawer of her desk and took out a ledger. She flipped through it, then lay the book, open-faced, in his direction.

“If you'll just sign in, please.” She asked sweetly, as she set an open penknife on top of the book. Eliot reached for it and picked it up. It turned it between his fingers as he debated if he wanted to do this again if it was really worth it. Finally, he pressed the tip of the blade against his thumb and pushed his thumb against the box next to his name. The tiny nick had already closed when he lifted the digit. “Thank you, Eliot. You can wait across the hall. Someone will be with you shortly.”

She waved towards the room on the right side of the entrance way, and Eliot heard a click, and a creak as the door opened, giving him access to a waiting area.

“Thank you.” He licked the residual blood off his thumb as he crossed the entrance hall and entered the waiting area. A bookshelf sat against one wall, and he scanned it. He felt too uneasy to sit, but he chose a title anyway and forced himself down into one of the chairs. There wasn't a clock on the wall, and he didn't have a watch. The light streaming into the room never seemed to change, so he wasn't sure how long they made him wait.

Eventually, the doors swung open and a young man walked in. Obsidian horns about five inches long set just inside the man's hairline and curved along his skull. Wavy black hair almost hid them from view and did the same for the odd shape of the man's ears. Sharp green eyes looked him over, and he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the doorframe.

“What am I doing to you, Kid?” Eliot closed the book and grabbed his bag, then stood and walked closer. The two of them were about the same height, but Eliot was an inch or so shorter.

“A magical binding spell.”

“Permanent or temporary.”

“Temporary.” There were days he ached to make it permanent when the pull was almost overwhelming. But without magic, his life would be nothing. He'd lose the precious few friends he has and the one place he feels accepted.

“How long?”

“48 hours,” Eliot told him, using the firmest, most non-negotiable voice he could muster.

“That's a long time, Kid. Do you really want to stay here two days?” Eliot didn't, but he would.

“I can handle it.”

“It could kill you.” Eliot laughed.

“A lot of shit could kill me.” The man, half demon, whatever he was, grinned at him.

“At least you've got spirit.” He closed the distance between them and curved his hand around Eliot's neck, then yanked him into a kiss. Eliot went pliant against the other man's body and parted his lips. Sex was always part of the deal. Sex, and a whatever advanced level magic he can scrounge, maybe a little gold if he could get his hands on it – and in trade, he would get whatever those things were worth in time. Sometimes it was a few hours, this time it was going to be a whole weekend. Two fucking days without magic, without his telekinesis. Two days free of the constant worry that if he lost control, he could kill someone. Eliot's eyes fluttered closed as the man's other arm wrapped around him. “At least you're pretty.” The half-man purred.

“Oh, I know.” Eliot purred back. They parted, and Eliot was waved towards the door. A stairwell that was probably always there had appeared, and the man led him upwards. A ring of keys appeared in his hand as the stairwell disappeared behind them. The room that was opened wasn't ornate. It was serviceable, with a larger bed and a bathroom off to one side. Eliot took a breath. He had never committed himself to this for so long before.

“Don't get cold feet now, pretty boy.” Eliot felt the man's hand settle against the small of his back. It was more likely there to keep him from bolting than for any kind of comfort. “Go on now.” He prodded. Eliot forced himself to step through the door. “It's going to take some time to craft your binding. I'll return when it's done.” Eliot had enough time to nod before the door closed and he was left alone. He heard the jingle of keys and heard the lock slide into place, then the door disappeared, and he was trapped.

It took more than a couple of breaths to make his heart stop racing. Slowly he crossed the room and set his bag on the desk, then started to check through it. Nothing he had brought seemed to have disappeared. He pulled his flask free from the bottom of the bag and took a drink, then put it back. Eliot left his things on the where they had landed and carried the book he'd brought from downstairs to the bed. He dropped it on the mattress then shouldered his vest off. His long fingers slowly worked the buttons of his shirt free, and he took that off too, then he loosened his belt and pushed his pants down. He left his boxers in on. Everything got folded and stacked in a neat pile on the bedside table and he sat cross-legged on the bed with the book in his lap. He had read nearly a fourth of it by the time a door shimmered into view again.

“Are you going to cut the time you kept me waiting out of my actual time?” Eliot asked snidely. He was tired and anxious, ready for this and not.

“Of course not, the deal with 48 hours. You'll get all of it.” The man passed him a narrow wooden box, which Eliot opened.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He breathed in disbelief. A leather collar saturated with wards lay in the box. The bindings he had used in the past had been a cuff or anklet.

“You want it to hold for two days. A binding cuff wasn't powerful enough. I might have been able to do it with some kind of metal, but you have specified leather in the past.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Eliot set the box on his thigh and picked the collar up. It was pliable between his fingers, and he could feel the power of the wards racing up his arm.

“48 hours?” He confirmed.

“48 hours.” Eliot nodded, closed his eyes, and brought the leather up around his throat. He slipped one side through the buckle and swallowed before pulling it tighter. Once it was snug, he felt the buckle dissolve under his fingers.

The change was immediate. Eliot felt lightheaded, his body tingled, and then it was like something had been cut out of him. He felt empty, and his limbs were thick. He made himself lay down before he passed out. The leather was warm against his throat from absorbing his magic. All he wanted to do was sleep.

“Sweet dreams, Kid. I'll be around when you wake up.” Eliot buried his face against the pillow and closed his eyes. His mind warred with itself, torn between relief and panic. What he was doing to his body wasn't natural but the knowledge that he couldn't hurt anyone with his telekinesis was a soothing balm over everything. He latched onto that, and let himself sleep.

Re: Fill: Eliot/Anyone: Bondage Title: Magically Binding

(Anonymous) 2017-03-26 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh this was wonderful!

(Also, I am working on this. :/ Work and school piled it on this week, but hopefully I'll have something next week when things calm down!)