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Round #1, February 2017

1. Golden rule: YKINMKATO.
2. Book spoilers must be clearly tagged in post titles.
3. All comments must be anonymous.
4. Please title your prompt posts.  All prompts are welcome, from fluff to angst to smut.
5. Fills must be posted as a response to the original prompt (links to AO3 etc are allowed) & must have "FILL" in the title.
6. Multiple fills for the same prompt are allowed and welcomed.
7. Content warnings will not be enforced but are appreciated.
8. Please wait until the next round to repost a prompt.

Welcome to Round #1 of the Magicians Kinkmeme!  Please hop over to the
mod post if you have any questions.  When you fill a prompt, please feel free to link to it in the fills post
so that others can easily find it.

Have fun and be kind to each other!

Penny/Quentin Anything

(Anonymous) 2017-03-17 09:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, god, just anything?

Some ideas:

1. Quentin was bullied in high school. Not much, because Julia didn't put up with that shit and no one wanted to mess with her, but occasionally in gym, they would corner Quentin in the changing room. He has a bad reaction to something at Brakebills, and Penny "sees" it and susses out what happened.

2. Alpha!Penny and Omega!Quentin? Quentin hasn't gone into heat for forever because of the depression and worst. possible. timing. when he's sharing a room with Penny.

3. ~Magical~ genderswap? Female!Quentin wants to be mad that Alice slept with Penny, but oh, he totally gets it now. He's torn between taking notes (that Penny must never, ever see), asking where Penny learned to do that with his tongue, or just lying back and enjoying it.

I don't even care. Could be one of the above, none of the above, something completely different! Have fun with it and I will be happy with whatever you give me, fellow anonymice, and sing your praises to the Kinkmeme gods.

I'm a fan of Penny/Quentin (natch), but also adore fics exploring: fanfic tropes (sex pollen, fuck or die, etc.), gender identity fics, h/c and whump, non-con (less on the non-con, more of the aftermath, comfort afterwards), and mental issues. No watersports please.