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Round #1, February 2017

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Ride-along, 2/?

(Anonymous) 2017-03-21 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Just a note: Niffin!Alice is really not nice. So be warned.

Also, I can't quite remember the timeline? So we're assuming that Penny has already had the big fight with Kady at this point. If not... whoops? AU.

Also FUCK it is hard to write body-sharing fic. Whose name do you use? Shit.

Quentin couldn't help glancing at the clock. It didn't help that Alice stood there, looking more like the White Rabbit than Carroll's girl in a pinafore, swinging a pocket-watch and mouthing, "Tick-tock, tick-tock" over and over again.

One minute to midnight. Quentin braced himself. Whatever she was going to do, he hoped it was over quick. He hoped that no one ended up dead because of him, his mistake, whatever the fuck he forgot, and he knew he forgot something -

"Ding!" Alice chimed, and Quentin felt a curious sensation as his senses went black.

He blinked.

No, wait, he didn't blink. Alice did.

What? he thought to himself.

He could feel Alice smiling.

Welcome to my world, Quentin, she said. Not so fun, is it?

I didn't - I thought - Quentin couldn't quite get it out, but Alice seemed to know anyway.

We're sharing brainspace, idiot, she said. Normally, you wouldn't. But I thought it would be more fun if you were awake for the ride. You won't be able to do anything, of course.

Quentin tentatively tried to take a step forward. Nothing. He tried to twitch his hands. Nothing.

Told you. I'm in control now, Alice said smugly. I thought I'd take it easy on you. I saw such interesting things while I've been in here, Quentin.

Quentin felt a thin curl of panic bloom inside him.

Penny, Quentin? Alice said. Her tone was biting. What high hopes we have. I would have guessed Eliot. But I guess you've already been there, done that, haven't you?

It was the emotions, Quentin protested, but he stopped short. There was no point in lying, not here. Alice knew. She knew that it might have been the emotions, but she could also see that small part of him that had wanted it to happen. Had wanted to know what Margo felt like underneath his body and between his legs and what Eliot's clever hands felt like caressing his back.

You little slut, Alice said almost fondly. It won't all be bad, Quentin. I bet you never would have had the balls to even do anything. And now, I can do it for you.

What do you mean? Quentin asked, wary, but Alice started humming mindlessly - out loud - and walked up the stairs. Penny was lying sprawled in Eliot's bedroom - not that Eliot needed it anymore, not while he was in Fillory being High King - and idly paging through a book. He looked up with Quentin - no, when Alice walked in.

"Can I help you?" he said, all heavy sarcasm and deep glare.

It wasn't hard to tell that something had happened between him and Kady. Normally even Penny wasn't a dick before Quentin could even say anything. Well. Sometimes.

Alice ignored him, walking in and sitting on the bed, too close to be friendly. "I was just thinking about Alice," Alice said softly, and Quentin was torn between a bark of laughter and unease.

Penny's face instantly softened. He could be a dick, but he wasn't that big of a dick.

"I know, man," he said awkwardly.

"Do you?" Alice said. Quentin thought it sounded a little too shrewd, a little too pointed, but it was hard to separate Alice's internal commentary from Quentin's voice wrapped around her words. "What happened between you and Kady?"

Penny's face went tight again. "None of your damn business."

"I know it was bad," Alice pressed. "I know you haven't even looked at her since whatever happened."

"I'm warning you, man, shut up," Penny said.

"I'm not - I'm sorry," Alice said, looking away and pushing Quentin's hair back roughly. It immediately fell forward again. "I just. I wanted to let you know, you know? That I get it. If... if you need anything. I'm here."

Quentin didn't think Alice was that good of an actress. She was so earnest, and sometimes blunt, and so driven that she didn't even think about lying, even when that would have been kinder. Niffin-Alice, though, was a master. Quentin's voice was pitched perfectly, and he was appalled at the thread of neediness he heard.

"Thanks," Penny said awkwardly. "I appreciate that."

Alice leaned forward so that she was just a tiny bit too close to Penny to be considered polite. She looked up at him through a fall of hair. "Can I -" She stopped, looked away, and Quentin would have been blushing now, but he didn't feel the warm rush of heat running to his cheeks. Alice was cold like this, mechanical, and he would have shivered if he had any control over his body.

Seeming to steel herself, Alice pushed forward, catching Penny's lips in a kiss that was more awkward than passionate. Quentin's mind froze. No, oh, no no no no -

Penny pulled back, putting his hands on Alice's arms. "What was that?" he said, sounding too calm for it to be real.

"Please," Alice said, voice breaking at just the right moment. "Please, just let me? Please?"

And Quentin prayed that Penny would be a dick, would throw a punch and tell Quentin - Alice - to get the hell out. Because, yeah, he had imagined it, thought about it when Penny had crowded him against the tree in the courtyard, body so close that Quentin could feel the warmth coming off of him, his hand on Quentin's chest nearly burning, and the smell of something - cinnamon? - from Penny's mouth so close to his, but god, not like this. Not while he was trapped in his own head, watching and not able to do a goddamned thing.

Finally getting it, Alice's amused thought drifted to him. Starting to understand how I feel.

Fuck you, Quentin thought viciously.

No, fuck you, Alice thought back at him. At least, if this goes well.

Penny stared at him - no, stared at her - and Quentin thought as loud as he could, hoping Penny picked up on his thoughts during the one time when they fucking mattered.

You can stop shouting now, Alice thought. My worst wards are better than the best you could ever hope for. He's only going to hear what I want him to hear.

And with agonizing slowness, Penny nodded. His hand caught Quentin's jawline, holding him in place as he brought his lips forward and caught Quentin's in a kiss that was almost sweet. Quentin could feel how soft his lips were under his, the tentative thrust of his tongue into his mouth, hand rasping against the 5:00 shadow on his jaw.

And for a terrifying second, Quentin forgot that he couldn't move. It was his body, his need curling up inside him, that Penny was touching and stroking into being.