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Round #1, February 2017

1. Golden rule: YKINMKATO.
2. Book spoilers must be clearly tagged in post titles.
3. All comments must be anonymous.
4. Please title your prompt posts.  All prompts are welcome, from fluff to angst to smut.
5. Fills must be posted as a response to the original prompt (links to AO3 etc are allowed) & must have "FILL" in the title.
6. Multiple fills for the same prompt are allowed and welcomed.
7. Content warnings will not be enforced but are appreciated.
8. Please wait until the next round to repost a prompt.

Welcome to Round #1 of the Magicians Kinkmeme!  Please hop over to the
mod post if you have any questions.  When you fill a prompt, please feel free to link to it in the fills post
so that others can easily find it.

Have fun and be kind to each other!

FILL: Ride-Along, 1/?

(Anonymous) 2017-03-21 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
Fuck it, I'm filling my own request.

"No harming other people, no magic," Quentin repeated to himself, scanning over the Word-is-Bond contract. Alice sat next to him, making irritable remarks that distracted him. It was intentional, he knew, and he had the awful feeling he was missing something, but he just couldn't think. Not when she was sitting right next to him (in his head), and he could still remember the way her hair smelled when she was alive, and her eyes were always blue, but now they were electric -

"Come on, Q," Alice taunted. "We have a deal."

Whatever it was he was missing - and he knew he was missing something - he hoped it wouldn't fuck him over. He placed his palm on the paper next to Alice's and felt a scalding sensation, not unlike when the cacodemon was originally placed into his skin, then it was over.

Alice had a small, almost cruel, smirk on her face that she never had when she was still... Alice. Quentin's stomach clenched painfully. Whatever it was he had forgotten, Alice was going see to it that he regretted it. It sometimes was hard to remember that this - this Not-Alice was not the woman he remembered.

"Tick-tock," Alice said in a sing-song voice, then disappeared back into his head, or wherever she went. Quentin stared at the Word-is-Bond. What had he missed?