Someone wrote in [community profile] magicianskinkmeme 2017-03-23 06:59 pm (UTC)

Margo/Eliot/Sub!Quentin OR Kady/Penny/Sub!Quentin - bondage - trust issues

Hi everyone, I'm new and not really familiar with the fandom yet. I'm only a few episodes in, but Quentin is SUCH A LITTLE SUB, isn't he? And after episode 4, it got me thinking...

he's probably such a good, obedient little sub, with a praise kink the size of the magic inside of him... but BIG NOPE on being tied down, right?

Although, in the right hands, it could actually be very grounding for him - to be held down, to put everything in their control, to be in someone else's hands, with no way to mess up and no responsibilities other than to just *be* and to let others take whatever they wanted from him. Imagine subspace for Quentin? It's probably wonderful; I feel like he would be so grateful and appreciative if someone stronger just took control for a while.

So, sub!Q in subspace, praise kink, trust kink. I think Eliot would be so good, at it too, tying him up with a quick hand gesture. But i have to say, I love the idea of two people doing it to him. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers but I did see something about a 3some and I hope to god it includes Quentin. He must be bi!)

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